Cheerleading Skills
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Hemet HS cheerleader performs a back handspring at a game

Tumbling skills for cheerleaders are not required by all squads, but are becoming increasingly important for competition squads, all-star cheerleading, and college squads. It’s important to build a strong gymnastic foundation, with proper training and instruction from gymnastics coaches, to begin to incorporate tumbling skills into your cheerleading cheers and dance routines.

Here’s a quick checklist for Cheerleading Tumbling Skills, progressing from Basic to Advanced:

_____Forward/backward rolls
_____Handstand, walk-over

Standing Tumbling
_____Standing back hand-spring, multiple standing back-hand-springs
_____Standing back tuck
_____Standing back hand-spring back tuck
_____Toe touch back hand-spring, toe touch back tuck, double toe touch back tuck

Running Tumbling Passes
_____Round-off back hand-spring,
_____Round-off back hand-spring back tuck
_____Round-off back hand-spring layout
_____Round-off back hand-spring full twist

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